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Century Model Rockets

Model toy trains and model railroads have been around for well over a hundred years. They have had universal appeal for both boys and men ever since their creation all those years ago. There have also been numerous suppliers come and go in that time as a result of a number of factors. However, one has stood firm in the face of competition and time. That company is Lionel Model Trains.

Lionel Model Trains was first founded in 1900 when a man named Joshua Lionel Cowen had an excellent idea for a business. He was a very perceptive man and noticed a niche in the market that had yet to be filled by a huge number of competitors vying for the business of interested individuals. Lionel Model Trains was based in a cramped office in New York for some time but was soon able to move to a larger office on the strength of its popularity. In the hundred years that the company has been up and running, it has sold over 50 million trains worldwide and has achieved great fame and renown from old and new model railroad enthusiasts.

Lionel Model Trains prides itself on offering a good combination of the old quality values that were established at the turn of last century and the new technological innovations that occur all the time in this day and age. The stayed committed to the toy train industry throughout the political and historical upheavals of last century and are still thriving today. Lionel Model Trains caters for all needs and level of toy train collectors.

When Lionel Model Trains was first conceived as a business idea, the railroad was the main form of transport in the United States because the car was not yet widespread in homes. The railroads were truly amazing to individuals that had never seen anything like them before, especially considering the size of the country that they were now able to fully move around in. There was another element to his idea for Lionel Model Trains - father and son bonding. Engineering and other similar pursuits were considered to be solely male dominated areas of life. Women were to have nothing to do with them. As Joshua had sons, he was catering for their needs as well as the needs of the masses and enjoyed doing so. Of course, their fascination with technology also helped!

Lionel Model Trains is still as popular as it ever was before, and even more so since model railroads have experienced a revival in popularity recently. Lionel Model Trains is till going strong and is now a great American institution!

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